Teacher's Comments



Bonnie Brown

“The process of learning or teaching piano, transposition, playing by ear, and improvisation has always been a mystery to me. This intensive training and the curriculum itself have made the process clear to me.”


Laura Swenson

“I am very inspired and ignited to bring this way to my students as well as to free my playing at any occasion.”


Candace Williams

“The best part was getting to know the other teachers and going on this adventure together, and sharing ideas. It was like everyone became closer-knit because we all experienced the same “a-ha” moments and realizations together.

It was a lot of information, but the whole intensive flowed nicely.”


Michele Kus

“It exceeded my expectations.

You have given musicians (and aspiring musicians) divine insight, easy-to-use tools, and most of all hope that they will finally be able to take the music inside themselves and release it into the world. You have taken all the necessary steps to make every hurdle as low as possible so that anyone can learn to play and create music. You have broken down the walls that often exist between the musician and the non-musician, so that anyone who wants to can be a musician. That is a tremendous gift!”


Dianna Kirkpatrick

“It exceeded my expectations of what could actually be revealed to me personally.”


Justin Taylor

“I received a good working grasp on this exciting new method of teaching piano. I was able to quickly get up to speed on what was being taught. Piano should be taught in such a way that anyone can understand.


Joy Lewis

”It was good seeing the whole program taught in sequential order, the mix of hands-on breakout sessions,  group teaching, and the understanding of learning styles.”



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