Testimonies from Students and Parents


"Einstein said, "Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by how it climbs a tree it will spend it's whole life believing it is stupid." This illustrates my experience with traditional music lessons. I just didn't get it. I would look at a sheet of music and I just couldn't imagine being able to play it fluidly. It felt like trying to learn another language, which in many ways music is. Music! Unlocked is like the Rosetta Stone of music theory and composition. The Music! Unlocked method allows for a flexible approach so that students who learn in different ways can grasp foundational concepts without having to try and rewire their brains. 


Because I naturally play music by ear, sheet music was always a challenge. Dianne was able to help give me language, using creative exercises and visual tools, for things I was already doing such as the Circle of Fifths, as well as greatly expand my skill sets with things such as chord inversions, all in a way I could easily interact with.

I currently serve as Worship Pastor for a church in North Carolina, leading predominately from the piano. I credit much of the foundational training I received to Music! Unlocked. "


- Jordan McGowan



"My three children all used Music! Unlocked. They liked this curriculum for it allowed them to play songs using visuals and patterns before they were exposed to note reading. From a parent's perspective, completely unfamiliar with Music! Unlocked, I was thoroughly amazed and thrilled how the children picked it up. They all progressed well into reading sheet music, yet still go back to play the songs from the curriculum."


- Liz C.



"Music! Unlocked has blessed our daughter more than we could have ever dreamed! Our daughter had been taking lessons for 5 years before we met Dianne. We were shocked to discover that our daughter didn't actually read music. She was playing by ear, not progressing, and was losing her passion for piano. Dianne not only taught our daughter how to read music, but filled her heart with passion and joy for playing piano. It changed our daughter's world in the best possible way! At 14, she is already thinking about becoming a piano teacher in the future so other children can experience her happiness and joy for piano. Thank you, Dianne."  


- The Lang Family



"I sought to take piano lessons from Dianne Matter based on an enthusiastic recommendation from my niece. She was completely enthralled by Music! Unlocked. She was playing piano in worship services at her church just seven months after she started taking lessons. I was so excited when I came home from my first lesson playing exercises that were not only fun but beautiful to my ears. The lessons have exceeded my expectations because I went into them thinking I was going to learn how to play piano based on chords on a lead sheet and now I’m actually reading music!"


- Kim Jones



"Music! Unlocked has not only been a way for me to learn how to play a beautiful instrument, it’s so much more than that. One thing that is unique about Music! Unlocked is how specific it was tailored to me. It was so much more personal than picking up a book and reading notes. I still remember the story Mrs. Matter told me to teach me which key was which on the keyboard. Mrs. Matter has pushed and inspired me to be a better, more organized and motivated piano player, student and person."


- Kalea Dycus



"All three of my children had previous experience with music instruction; yet as soon as each one was introduced to Music! Unlocked they were immediately playing, not plunking-out, beautiful melodies on the piano! Dianne's creative, colorful and visual technique of teaching music theory resonates with the student on so many levels. To this day, my children are inspired to create aesthetically pleasing music not only on the piano, but any instrument they touch. Dianne Matter's love of music instruction, so artfully expressed in Music! Unlocked, has been an unforgettable blessing to our family."


- Lori Anne