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Our Sample Curriculum is compiled of 2 pages from each of our 5 sections along with the corresponding section headers that explain the content.  These were taken from our two book curriculum entitled THE  KEYS and THE MUSIC.  We have also included our illustration of how to determine if you are left or right brain dominant. 

Each section has been illustrated for both the right and left using colors as well as text to explain the musical concepts.


SECTION ONE includes the colored version of the white major and minor pentascales along with the first of 7 rhythm patterns. 


SECTION TWO includes our illustration of an arpeggio and the colored version of our first song in notated form. Our 3 songs in middle C position are written in both colored and black and white.


SECTION THREE includes our beautifully illustrated version of the circle of 5ths in the white major one-octave scales. It is followed by scale etude that we play in every key using the I  IV  V chords in the left hand.


SECTION FOUR includes the illustration of the I IV and V chord positions along with the first half of our Alberti Bass etude. This is played in all keys with their corresponding relative minors, i.e. C and Am.


SECTION FIVE includes one page from THE KEYS illustrating the chords that can be played in every key as well as one page from THE MUSIC that gives you musical patterns to play in each of the keys. We use inversions in the right hand and 10ths in the left hand.


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