Student Kit

If you are someone who would like to take lessons from one of our Music Unlocked teachers, you can go to the MU Teachers tab and see if there are any in your area. If not, please contact me and I can set you up with a teacher who also uses skype or face time. See FOR STUDENTS page. The Student Kit is also for MU Teachers to order for their students.



Teachers Kit

We don’t usually sell this outside of attending the 2 - Day Intensive. The reason behind this decision, is that I don’t want to see our curriculum sitting in someone’s piano studio or home without being used. I had a wonderfully gifted, creative teacher who bought this before she signed up for the Intensive and she said it sat on her shelf because she just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. I was delighted to watch her experience many “ah-ha” moments during the intensive! 



Two Day Intensive: Teachers Training

What does the 2 Day Intensive Cover? For 9 hours the first day (2 hours will be in the evening) and 7 hours the following day, I will share new ways of learning that will make music come alive for you and your students. Most of you already know and use our musical tools but have not known how to use them in a way that unlocks creativity.


”It was good seeing the whole program taught in sequential order, the mix of hands-on breakout sessions,  group teaching, and the understanding of learning styles" - Joy Lewis. The building blocks of Music Unlocked will fall right into place for you, just like it did for them. Our TEACHERS TRAINING page explains the workshop and includes testimonies from previous attendees.


If you have any questions on how this would work for your area, contact me by phone or email.


Our special gift is for a limited time only.

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