Testimony from a Clinical Psychologist


I have known Dianne for many years as a friend and personal witness to her life changing musical strategies. Thankfully she has documented and shared them with the world in a powerful and effective piano curriculum called Music Unlocked. 


As a clinical psychologist, what is striking to note about her approach is that it takes into account the neurological learning style and personality of the child, teen or adult piano student. Her technique goes well beyond the student learning to play the piano. 


Her materials uniquely target the person's specific brain region thus being able to captivate and inspire a student's love and joy for music.  I am not aware of any program like Music Unlocked that can be so broadly utilized with the various different learning styles. 


In reviewing her materials, I also noted the visual appeal to both the right or the left sided brain person.  The use of color, image and layout can be used with both the spatial or linear learner.  I would highly recommend this neurologically based program for the special needs person. 


Dianne has impacted multitudes of individuals over her life career as a piano teacher.  Now, we can see the crescendo of her life experience bringing forth a program that has been made available for other teachers so as to exponentially impact even more students to learn to love to play the piano.


Douglas N. Neal, Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist


About Douglas Neal


Dr. Neal has been in practice since 1981. He is passionate about helping his clients discover freedom and live the life they were created for. He works with children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families, creating a safe, trusting environment where clients can focus on dealing with their issues. He greatly enjoys case management – helping his clients manage all of their issues – including medical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.


Dr. Neal received his Master and Doctorate of Clinical Psychology in 1989 from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. In 1981, he received an M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from the Illinois Institute of Technology, working with patients who suffered from different types of spinal cord injury and brain trauma. Dr. Neal completed his B.A. in Psychology from Trinity College in 1980, and studied Theology and Greek at Moody Bible Institute.