My Story


A few years ago, I realized that after 35 years of teaching piano I was discouraged, uninspired, and felt like a failure. My discouragement grew when those who “just didn’t get it” left without finding the song I knew they had. Somehow, I was unable to communicate my love for music in a way that would motivate them to press through the discipline of “practice”. I was tired of the mundane routine of teaching the same music over and over again. When new methods came out, my hope for something fresh and inspiring eventually faded away. So, I came to the conclusion that the problem must be me. 


Even though I was classically trained, I had always been able to play by ear. Never having been exposed to music theory, I found my first theory class in college to be a fascinating discovery. Rather than seeing disconnected, uninteresting facts, I saw the beautiful, awe-inspiring design of music and how it all fit together.


But, the methodical routine of only using method books and supplemental solos, wasn’t conveying the beauty of music the way I knew it to be. However, I didn’t have the tools to take people beyond the written notes into improvisation or expressing themselves freely in a spontaneous song. Consequently,  I quit teaching.


A few years later, a piano teacher offered me a job at her growing and thriving piano studio. She asked if I would be willing to be taught her way of teaching.  After much coaxing, I decided to give it a try. I discovered she was an amazing teacher whom I quickly learned to love and admire. She used visual pictures that both children and adults easily understood. My passion for teaching had been reignited!


Music Unlocked evolved out of that pursuit to help students (and teachers) find their "song". Not only was conceptual teaching part of the answer, but discovering the way they learn through profile assessments released the confidence and desire to press through the discipline of practice! See video below.


The Music Unlocked TEACHERS GUIDE enables teachers to reach every kind of learner with innovative techniques, games and strategies that are fun and easy to learn.


Below are the 4 pillars that express my vision for UNLOCKING THE HEART OF MUSIC.                                       

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