A music curriculum revolutionizing the way music is taught!

A music curriculum that revolutionizes the way music is taught

Dianne Matter was the Executive Director and Creator

of Unlocking the Heart of Music and Music Unlocked.


Before her passing in February 2021, she developed a community of creative musicians, teachers, music lovers and worshipers.


Music Unlocked is a curriculum that expands beyond the traditional musical instruction. She took the beautiful structure and design of music, and by using data visualization (information in picture form), made it possible to teach with visual concepts.

A music curriculum that revolutionizes the way music is taught
A music curriculum that revolutionizes the way music is taught

Why would teaching concepts be important?


Rote vs. Concept


Rote learning is the process of memorizing through repetition. Conceptual learning is the process of reasoning from general principles. When you learn how to play a song by rote only, all you can do is play the song. When you learn the song through concepts, not only can you play it in any key, but you can improvise and create your own song.


Teaching piano can be so much more than notes on a page and a weekly paycheck. As teachers, fulfillment is found in the success and joy of our students. Yet how many times has a student left without ever connecting to the music in his or her soul?


Who could benefit from Music Unlocked?



Left brain, linear sequential learners


  • It helps them connect to the creative part of their brain. Because we use data visualization (e.g. international road signs), they are able to step outside of the format of notation and discover the beautiful structure of music theory. Rather than disconnected and abstract, it becomes functional and enjoyable. See NEED FOR CHANGE.


  • It enables them to see written music in a fresh new way; recognizing patterns, chords, inversions, and scales so that note reading becomes easier and even more gratifying.



Right brain visual-spatial learners


  • Helps them grasp complex and sometimes difficult musical concepts easily and quickly  because of the use of data visualization and color (their language).


  • It brings structure and clarity to what has seemed random.


  • It releases creativity from the very beginning.



Helping students discover their creativity will change their life forever.

©2021 Dianne Matter